Company Status

TATNEFT is one of the leading Russian oil and gas producers with over 75 years of experience in the industry. The full production cycle vertical integration strategy is implemented in the Group status. The Company’s main assets are located in the Russian Federation, business projects are implemented in the domestic and foreign markets.

The TATNEFT Group’s structure provides management processes from obtaining licenses for resource development to the sale of oil, oil and gas processing products and petrochemicals in the domestic market and for export, as well as the manufacturing of equipment for oil production, oil and gas treatment and processing, provision of engineering, supply and construction services for oil, gas and petrochemical projects. The Company operates a developed network of filling stations under the TATNEFT brand. By now, the Company has also begun to develop the gas and petrochemical industry.

The business infrastructure is formed by the geographical proximity of oil and gas production, the Company’s own oil processing and generating facilities and high-quality logistics for the sale of oil and oil products. The TATNEFT Group’s structure includes banking business (ZENIT Banking Group).

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