Financial performance indicators

Free Cash Flow (billion rubles)

The Company provides a high-quality balance between production and refining assets, which allows to efficiently generate operating income. By the end of the year, free cash flow increased by 40%, reaching RUB 147.8 billion.

Net cash flow forecast

Free Cash Flow per barrel of oil production (rubles/barrel)

The Company maintains leadership among the largest industry oil companies in terms of net profit per barrel of production.

+40,4% increase in free cash flow

Revenue (billion rubles)

+33,7% revenue growth

Group shareholders’ profit (billion rubles)

+72% Group shareholders’ net profit growth

EBITDA (billion rubles)

Adjusted EBITDA (billion rubles)

+58,7% EBITDA growth
32% EBITDA margin


Ratio of net profit to oil production

Volume of production of added value in the Company (billion rubles)

+53% growth of added value

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