Our strategy

В 2018 году Совет директоров принял Стратегию развития Группы «Татнефть» до 2030 года, аккумулирующую амбициозные задачи на основе ранее утвержденной и подтвердившей свою эффективность уже на первых этапах Стратегии 2025.

Key fundamentals of the growth strategy

Expansion of the geography of activity and resource base outside the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation

Including gaining access to oil and gas reserves with the possibility of forming strategic alliances, as well as the development of new markets for products.

The corporate strategy is aimed at the long-term sustainable development of the Company — ensuring the optimal balance of oil and gas production, oil refining and achieving maximum operating profitability of all business segments.

High efficiency UPSTREAM

Asset security over 30 years
Reserve replacement ratio > 100%
Production growth to 38.4 million tonnes/year

High-tech facilities DOWNSTREAM

Increase in oil processing capacity to 15.7 million tonnes/year
With a 99% processing depth
89% light oil product yield

Produced oil monetization

Optimal balance of oil and oil product sales
Increased release of premium oil products
Development of premium trade channels and logistics optimization of oil product sales

Growth in petrochemical unit profitability

Tire sales growth by 2030 to 18.1 million pcs/year

Retail business efficiency and margin growth

Growth in average daily sales through 1 filling station by 2030 to 13.4 ton/day

The Company’s own generating facilities

Ensuring power generation by 2030 of 2.7 billion kW/h per year

Banking segment ZENIT Banking Group

Transition to the most crisis-resistant model of a universal bank

Efficiency of industrial and environmental safety management

The Company strives to achieve leadership positions in the field of industrial safety, occupational safety and environmental friendliness of production, minimizing environmental impact, including climatic aspects
Ensuring compliance with the last generation international standards ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018

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