Scope of the reporting

Tatneft Company follows the principles of openness and timely informing interested parties on all significant aspects and results of its activities.

The area of sustainable development belongs to the strategic priorities of the company and includes comprehensive coverage of factors and corporate actions that are aimed at achieving goals to ensure a high level of industrial and environmental safety, reducing environmental impact and preserving the climate, labor protection and social guarantees for staff, developing a safe social infrastructure in the territories of the company’s activities, growth of local economies and a good quality of life for the local population, as well as developed information technology and cyber security.

Since 2016, the Company has been consistently integrating the Goals and Objectives Presented in the UN document «2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development» (hereinafter also the SDG-2030) into the corporate governance and planning system.

The Company began preparing reports in the field of sustainable development in 2005, addressing them to a wide range of stakeholders: shareholders, investors, representatives of state and municipal authorities, employees, partners and customers, public and environmental organizations, scientific and educational institutions, a wide range of Russian and the international community. we strive to present information in a balanced manner in accordance with the interests of each group.

In preparing this report, the following standards and guidelines for non-financial reporting have been applied:

  • Sustainability Reporting Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (version of GRI STANDARDS);
  • Guide «Corporate Reporting on Sustainable Development Goals» (Business Reporting on SDGs);
  • Basic Performance Indicators of the Russian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs (2008).

We also focused on the following documents:

  • SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Reporting Standards — in terms of identifying significant topics for the oil and gas industry;
  • IPIECA (International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association), 2015 Voluntary reporting guide for sustainable development in the oil and gas industry.

In accordance with these standards, the Company is developing its own system of public reporting indicators.

The list of indicators and the rules for their disclosure, including the distribution of responsibility, the timing and procedure for the formation and disclosure of indicators, are determined by internal local documents. The preparation of public reporting is also reflected in the Company’s KPI system.

The Report of Public Joint Stock Company Tatneft (PJSC Tatneft, the Company) for 2018 includes the results of activities of the Company and its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as Tatneft Group (the Group). The terms «PJSC Tatneft», «Tatneft Group», «the Group», «Tatneft», «the Company», «we» and «our» used in the text of this Report, are considered to be equivalent and belong to Tatneft Group, PJSC Tatneft and/or its subsidiaries depending on the context.

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