Important statements

Information disclosed in this Annual Report contains some forward-looking statements. Such statements include, inter alia, plans, tasks, and forecasts of production, including those relating to the output, products, and services, economic, and financial indicators, information concerning anticipated or expected income, profit (loss), net profit (loss) in respect of shares, dividends, capital structure, and other indicators and ratios as well as statements concerning the prerequisites, on which we base our statements. These statements are accompanied by the wordings «is expected», «intends», «is planned», «will», «strives», «is projected», «is forecast», etc.

Due to their specific nature, the statements about the future are subject to inherent risk and uncertainties, both general and specific. The feasibility of the stated intentions depends, inter alia, on factors (economic, social, legal) that are beyond the Company’s control. There is a risk that the future actual results may materially differ from those plans, objectives, expectations, estimates, and intentions expressed in such statements or may not be implemented due to various factors.


The text of the Report may contain errors in the calculation of shares, percentages, amounts due to rounding the calculated indicators. The data presented in this Report may differ slightly from the data published previously due to the difference in rounded figures.

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