In the context of global decarbonization trends, investors' expectations are growing with regard to publication by the companies of their position on managing climate risks, environmental impacts, reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. This is one of the most significant topics of the current sustainable business development agenda.

Regulations and standards regarding climatic aspects are being developed at the international level and in the Russian Federation. The requirements for the disclosure of information on environmental impacts and for accounting for all types of emissions, including indirect greenhouse gas emissions, including through the supply chain, are increasing significantly.

Investors consider these indicators simultaneously both from the standpoint of environmental issues and the assessment of business performance and financial risks. CO2 is analyzed not only by the absolute values of emissions, but also in specific ratios, based on which a conclusion report is made in terms of quality of technologies used by companies. Climate issues are of interest to investors — to what extent the company’s strategy and business planning take into account the environmental impact.

TATNEFT is developing an internal system to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project — CDP (Project for the Disclosure of Information on Carbon Dioxide Emissions) and Science Based Targets (Initiatives for the adoption of scientifically based targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions).

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