Protection of sensitive ecosystems

The Company’s activities are based on complex processes aimed at identifying all aspects of interaction with the environment and preventing negative impacts, reducing and eliminating adverse effects on the ecosystem and social environment.

We are implementing integrated monitoring programs to identify areas for improving the effectiveness of our environmental actions.

  • Maintaining databases of sources of exposure and environmental conditions, processing and analysis of information received
  • Determination of compliance with environmental requirements of exposure sources
  • Analysis and forecast of the state of the environment in the regions of activity
  • Carrying out measurements and measurements related to environmental protection
  • Comprehensive measures to ensure emergency prevention and response
Environmental monitoring

The Company monitors all aspects of the environmental impact, including the state of air, surface and groundwater bodies, land resources, and biodiversity conservation.

The main areas of monitoring:

  • measurement and sampling related to environment protection;
  • maintenance of databases of environmental impact sources and state of environment, processing and analysis of the data obtained;
  • determination of the impact source compliance with the environmental requirements;
  • analysis and forecast of the environment state in the regions of operation;
  • development of an environmental monitoring system in new areas of operation.

Environmental monitoring includes control of environmental impact sources (emissions and discharges of pollutants, wastewater), the state of environmental components (air, surface and groundwater, soil, ground, geological environment), as well as two-level inspection control of compliance with environmental legislation.

Air monitoring

In order to monitor compliance with sanitary standards and rules for the protection of air in populated areas, as well as during the justification (establishment) of the size of sanitary protection zones (SPZ) in the territories of the Company, the state of air of settlements, SPZ of production facilities, level of emissions from sources of air pollution are monitored — a total of 136 points in settlements and 271 points on the border of the SPZ are under control. In the reporting year, 6,424 measurements of physical factors and 27,691 analyses were carried out to determine the actual air condition.

Industrial Emissions Automated Control Project

Monitoring of water bodies

The Company operates a local network of water body observation points. In 2018, more than 2,000 observation points for surface and groundwater bodies were controlled, more than 35,000 samples were taken as part of local hydromonitoring, more than 110,000 chemical analyzes of natural water were performed.

6 424 measurements of physical factors
27 691 analyses of the actual air condition
>2 000 observation points for surface and groundwater bodies operate in the territory of operation of the Company
>110 000 chemical analyses of natural water in 2018

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