Industrial and Occupational Safety Management

Industrial safety, labor and environmental protection at the facilities and territories of operation of all TATNEFT Group organizations are ensured on the basis of a systematic approach and effective interaction with stakeholders. Special attention is paid to the development and implementation of environmentally effective innovative technologies that contribute to the reproduction and rational use of natural resources, prevention of the negative impact of production processes on the environment, as well as the restoration of natural ecosystems, conservation of biological, landscape diversity and climate. Important aspects in the management of the Company’s production processes are the issues of reducing the carbon footprint, ensuring environmentally safe waste management, developing renewable energy sources and energy saving.

The target focus is to ensure continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system for industrial safety, labor protection and the environment, the formation of public understanding of the tasks that the company solves.

Key priorities
  • To recognize the right of people to safe working conditions, healthy environment, and favorable living conditions.
  • To ensure the occupational and environmental safety of production processes as an integral part of national security.
  • To preserve and restore the favorable environment, natural ecosystems, natural landscapes, natural complexes, and biological diversity of systems in the regions of operation of TATNEFT Group organizations.
  • To ensure the rational use of natural resources involved in the production by TATNEFT Group organizations through the introduction of resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies, the use of environmentally friendly and alternative energy sources, waste processing, and the use of recyclable materials.
  • To consistently reduce the negative impact on the environment and prevent environmental damage from the economic activities of TATNEFT Group organizations, to minimize the impact on climate change through the introduction of the best available technologies, equipment, materials, digital solutions for technological process control.
  • To adhere to the risk-based approach to HSE. The Company adheres to the principle of «consistent procedures», which means that further measures are formed on the basis of data obtained as a result of the previous level procedure.
  • Implementation of the Policy in the field of occupational health, safety, and environment, taking into account climate change

  • Formation of an Industrial Safety Strategy

  • Business Planning for Industrial Safety and Environmental Impact Reduction

Roadmap of the Development of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System for 2019 -2020

  • Development of new / updating of existing standards and regulations
  • Integration of Policies into the supply chain and rules of interaction with service providers and contractors
  • Conducting training for corporate personnel and employees at the Company’s facilities
  • Actualization of duties and areas of responsibility
  • Communication program development
  • Implementation of targeted programs

The Company applies the international standard ISO 45001:2018 «Occupational safety and health management systems».

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