Interaction with stakeholders

Key principles of interaction with stakeholders


Consumer health and safety protection includes the provision of products and services that are safe and do not pose an unacceptable risk of harm when used or consumed. The Company strictly controls compliance with all regulatory requirements governing the quality of products and services. At all life-cycle stages of the offered products and services, the Company assesses their impact on health and safety in order to identify opportunities for improvement. No cases of noncompliance with the regulatory requirements concerning the impact of products and services on health and safety were registered in 2018.

Responsibility of the Company to major groups of stakeholders

  • Enforcement of legislative requirements, rules and recommendations
  • Compliance with the Corporate Governance Code
  • Compliance with the principles of corporate responsibility and sustainable development
  • Implementation of international standards and best practices
  • Information disclosure
  • Dynamic growth of shareholder value and development of the Company in accordance with strategic initiatives
  • Efficiency of production and financial activities
  • Maintaining a Positive Corporate Reputation
  • Reliable Company Status
  • Compliance with Listing Rules for Moscow and London Stock Exchanges
  • Ensuring the principles of the Corporate Governance Code recommended by the Bank of Russia
  • Workplace Safety
  • Provision of opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Provision of social guarantees
  • Fulfillment of the Company’s obligations under the Collective Agreement
  • Ensuring a decent standard of living
  • National Pension Fund
  • Fulfillment of the Company’s obligations under the Collective Agreement
  • Interaction and cooperation to ensure the social and labor rights and interests of union members
  • Monitoring compliance with labor laws of the Russian Federation
  • Joint actions to organize sports and recreation and cultural work for staff
  • Provision of Non-governmental Pension Fund (NPF)
  • Economic support aimed at improving the living standards of veteran oil workers
  • Organization of medical treatment and rest of labor veterans
  • Material assistance to veterans
  • Compliance with the Company’s ethical principles
  • Fair competition
  • Timely and accurate fulfillment of contract terms and conditions
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Provision of high quality goods and services
  • Continuous improvement of product quality
  • Striving to follow changing customer requirements
  • Provision of reliable information about the Company’s products
  • Promotion of socio-economic development of the regions where the Company operates
  • Promotion of education, culture and sports.
  • Careful and efficient nature management and environmental protection
  • Support for socially vulnerable groups

Forms of interaction

Interaction with interested parties is carried out at all levels of the Company’s activities using mechanisms and forms appropriate to the scale and content of the tasks to be carried out in the area of mutual interests.

The Company builds relationships with a number of stakeholder groups (regional and federal authorities, trade unions, public and international organizations, business partners) on the basis of cooperation or partnership agreements.

AA1000SES (2015)

The Company is guided by the Stakeholder Engagement Standard AA1000SES (2015).

When concluding agreements and joint actions with interested parties, the Company conducts a negotiation process, allowing each party to state its position and jointly find a solution that suits both parties. The fulfillment of obligations is accompanied by monitoring, allowing each party to assess the effectiveness of interaction. The results of the implementation of agreements, as a rule, are discussed with interested parties, including at public events. The Company also provides feedback in the form of surveys, round tables, conferences, meetings, feedback channels, which allows to identify the satisfaction of stakeholders with various aspects of the Company’s activities, including its products, services, social programs.

Indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the system of interaction with stakeholders:

  • stakeholder evaluation (results of surveys, dialogues, proposals received);
  • monitoring the implementation of commitments undertaken by the Company.

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