Corporate Sustainability Management

The company strives to create long-term growth in shareholder value by making a positive contribution to the development of the company based on best corporate practice.

We are improving approaches to managing aspects of sustainable development by fully integrating relevant goals within the framework of the Company’s strategy and business processes.

Sustainable development management system

  • Management at the level of the Board of Directors and management of the Company

  • Formation of performance targets and KPIs
  • Integration into Strategy and Business Planning

  • Formation of program activities
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Risk control
Evaluation of the company’s sustainable development by international investors

Basic principles of corporate governance

  • Respect and protect the legal rights of shareholders

  • High professionalism of the Board of directors

  • Leadership

  • Decision making based on consistency and collegiality

  • Forward-looking and transparent dividend policy

  • Innovative technology

  • Informational openness and transparency

  • No tolerance for corruption in all its forms

  • Interaction with stakeholders

  • Compliance with ethical standards and respect of human rights

  • Sustainable development

  • Corporate responsibility

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