Sustainable development

A significant guideline for the Company is the UN action program «Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development» adopted in 2015 and incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our approach to managing sustainable development aspects is a strategic initiative of the Company and is based on the coordination of the interests and plans of the Company with the principles and goals of sustainable development of the UN, humanitarian values and international initiatives in this area, a high level of corporate social responsibility, ethical behavior and openness.

We adhere to the coherence of our plans and actions with global, national and regional development priorities in the field of economic, environmental and social goals and objectives, integrating our capabilities in business decision-making.

The company is aware of the equal responsibility for operational results, industrial and environmental safety, as well as its role in improving the quality of life of staff and the local population, in general, contribution to the development of the domestic economy, social programs, innovative development of the industry, as well as to solving global problems associated with environment and standard of living of people.

The Company’s position — only with a balance between these aspects and the development of social partnership, a harmonious and effective business development and sustainable development of society as a whole can be ensured.

The company adheres to and shares the principles of fundamental international declarations and conventions in the field of human rights, labor relations, anti-corruption, and environmental protection, including:

  • UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • UN Environment and Development Declaration;
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises;
  • Declarations of Fundamental Rights and Principles in the Field of Labor of the International Labor Organization (ILO);
  • ILO Convention No. 87 Concerning Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize;
  • ILO Convention No. 98 Concerning the Application of the Principles of the Right to Organise and to Bargain Collectively;
  • ILO Convention No. 111 Concerning Discrimination in Respect of Employment and Occupation. The principles of these international documents are enshrined in the internal regulatory documents of the Company and integrated into corporate practice. At the same time, we follow the Provisions of the Social Charter of Russian Business and take into account the Approaches of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs to the Formation of Corporate Sustainability, Responsibility and Transparency Indexes in our activities.

Further information on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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