Local communities

Enterprises of TATNEFT Group are city-forming enterprises in most localities of the operation regions. Following the principles of corporate social responsibility, the Company, together with municipal authorities, implements projects to improve and develop the infrastructure of cities and towns, takes part in the construction of socially significant facilities, and promotes the development of education, healthcare, culture, and sports.

«Following the principles of high corporate responsibility, the Company makes a large-scale contribution to ensuring favorable living conditions and quality of life in the territories of its activities. We implement targeted corporate programs to support healthcare, science, education, preservation of spiritual heritage, culture and sports in the form of social partnership and social investment. This contributes to the sustainable social stability of the regions of our activity, which simultaneously increases the level of investment attractiveness of the Company»

N.U. Maganov
General Director of TATNEFT From the Report of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, June, 2019

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