List of Abbreviations

BIA Business Idea Auction
AGFS Autogas Fueling Station
ASPI Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute
FFS Fuel Filling Station
JSC Joint-Stock Company
BMP Bugulma Mechanical Plant (structural division of PJSC TATNEFT)
SCNS State Complex Nature Sanctuary
NSS (GOST) National State Standard
HF Hydraulic fracturing
F&L Fuel & Lubricants
HEI Hydraulic Engineering Installations
CC Community Center
EU European Union
UNECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
IS Information System
CIS Corporate Information System
KFU Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University
OGPD Oil and Gas Production Department (structural division of PJSC TATNEFT)
MRRT Mineral Resource Recovery Tax
VAT Value Added Tax
NZSh CMK LLC Nizhnekamsk All Steel Tire Plant
R&D Research and Development
OWT Oil Well Tubing
IA Intangible assets
OR and PCP Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants
OR Oil Refinery
OPU Oil Processing Unit
NSPF Non-State Pension Fund
STC Science and Technology Center
PCC Petrochemical Complex
UN United Nations
LLC Limited Liability Company
NCA Nature Conservation Area
PO Pilot Operations
PDC Production Dual Completion
PIDC Production and Injection Dual Completion
IDC Injection Dual Completion
DC Dual Completion
OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
SEZ Special Economic Zone
MPC Maximum Permissible Concentration
APS Associated Petroleum Gas
RPM Reservoir Pressure Maintenance
PCP Polymer Coated Pipes
PS Power Substation
CD Chain Drive
VSST Vertical Stainless Steel Tank
RYSO Regional Youth Social Organization
RT Republic of Tatarstan
RF Russian Federation
SVO Super Viscous Oil
CPS Cathodic Protection Station
CGS Corporate Governance Standard
ISMS Industrial Safety Management System
EDMS Electronic Document Management System
TH Trading House
TTH Trade Technical House
TS Technical Specifications
FEC Fuel and Energy Complex
TPP Thermal Power Plant
DCU Delayed Coker Unit
MC Management Company
LHVRU Light Hydrocarbon Vapor Recovery Unit
HSOTF High Sulfur Oil Treatment Facility
OTF Oil Treatment Facility
IWSU Initial Water Separation Unit
LLC Process Fluid Treatment Facility for Reservoir Pressure Maintenance (subsidiary of PJSC TATNEFT)
SRU Sulphur Recovery Unit
TNGPA Tatneftegazpererabotka Administration (structural division of PJSC TATNEFT)
AST All-Steel Tires
CDH Central District Hospital
PTC Personnel Training Center
NGL Natural Gas Liquids
EIC Electrical Insulating Connection
ECU Electronic Corporate University
NPV Net Present Value

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