Industrial safety

The Company has a multi-level industrial safety management system (ISMS) in place and functioning. The Group’s enterprises annually develop and implement plans of measures to ensure industrial safety and programs of industrial environmental control with the identification of persons exercising industrial control. To strengthen labor and industrial discipline, involve personnel in the processes of ensuring industrial and occupational safety, Self-Declaration Control Sheets have been developed for the Oil and Gas Field Operating Division shops and services on the self- declaration basis.

Production safety is ensured by regular preventive inspections of the technical condition of equipment and routine maintenance of equipment as well as the equipment preventing emergencies.

To ensure readiness for localization and response to accidents, the plans of measures for localization and response to accidents are updated on a regular basis. Annually, competitions among irregular emergency response units and fire relays are held among the teams of voluntary fire-prevention units of the Company.

The number of personnel trained in Health, Safety and Environment in 2018

Industrial safety (including radiation and energy safety) 639
Occupational health and safety 2 473
Fire safety 16 510

The training of workers and specialists in the professions related to the maintenance and operation of hazardous production facilities is carried out by Private Educational Institution of Continuing Professional Education of CPK-TATNEFT and its 8 branches located in the southeast of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Safety level assessment at hazardous industrial facilities

For an objective and comprehensive assessment of the safety level at hazardous production facilities, the method for automated calculation of the occupational safety coefficient (OSC) comprising over 30 indicators is applied.

Oil spill emergency prevention and response system

System of prevention and response to emergencies, which result from oil spills, and the protection of people and the environment from their harmful impact is implemented at TATNEFT in two focus areas: a set of engineering and organizational measures aimed at enhancing production equipment reliability, timely oil spill detection, and minimizing the resulting damages as well as a set of measures to respond immediately to this type of emergency.

The irreducible material stocks have been secured, including for the elimination of oil spills in water bodies. 2,225 meters of booms, 17 skimmers, and 7 tonnes of sorbent are available. Contingency accident response units, which are authorized to perform operations for the localization and elimination of oil spills and gas-hazard operations, have been established in oil and gas producing divisions of the Company and certified by the industry certification commission.

To prevent the pollution of surface watercourses (rivers) and water bodies (reservoirs) with oil, 528 stationary oil recovery units (ORU), booms, and bioponds are maintained in operating condition.

In 2018, no emergencies related to oil and oil product spills were registered at the facilities of TATNEFT Group.

Fire safety

In 2018, the Plan of Organizational and Technical Measures to Strengthen the Fire Safety of the Company’s Facilities was implemented.

In 2018, there were no fires at the Company’s facilities.

Radiation safety

In order to control and ensure radiation safety in 2018, a number of activities were carried out, such as a planned radiometric survey of oil treatment facilities; individual dosimetric control of personnel; selective radiometric surveys of production premises as well as verification of compliance with radiation safety requirements during the quality control of welded joints, etc.

According to the Department of the Federal Service for Supervision on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing in the Republic of Tatarstan, the state of radiation safety of the Company is assessed as satisfactory.

Ensuring energy security

The efficiency of the power supply system is characterized by the level of shutdowns and energy security. The Company is implementing a program to improve the reliability of the power supply system (introduction of the advanced and safe equipment), introducing elements of network digitalization (installation of microprocessor protection units, implementation of automatic reserve input, automatic restart).

In terms of energy security, the energy management system is under reorganization. The result of this work is a reduction of failures in the power supply system by 15.9%.

To maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders on the environmental activities of the Company, an open information environment has been created. Mass media provide coverage of the technological processes and environmental issues in a comprehensible form. Environmental initiatives of TATNEFT become the subject of discussion at the Roundtables with the participation of experts, government officials, the general public, and the media.

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