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«An active social policy, compliance with applicable labor laws and prevention of conflicts at work, carried out by managers at all levels together with the active trade unionists of the Company, is aimed at providing social guarantees, safe working conditions, creating an enabling environment throughout the entire business area of TATNEFT Group.».

G.K. Yarullin
Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of PJSC TATNEFT From a speech at a staff meeting based on the results of 2018

The Trade Union Committee of PJSC TATNEFT and its primary trade union organizations act in accordance with the Federal Law «On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees of Activity», the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the Charter of the Trade Union and the Collective Agreement of the Company, ensuring:

  • representation and protection of social and labor rights and interests of Trade Union members;
  • control over compliance with labor laws of the Russian Federation;
  • organization of sports and recreational and mass culture work in labor collectives.

Based on the principles of social partnership, the Trade Union Committee takes an active part in the formation and implementation of the social strategy of the Company.

On March 18, 2019, the annual conference of the Company’s workforce was held, during which the results of the Company’s activities and the fulfillment of the terms of the Collective Agreement in 2018 were summarized and the tasks for 2019 were outlined. Conference delegates adopted the Collective Agreement for 2019. Previously, meetings of the conciliation commission on the development of the Collective Agreement of PJSC TATNEFT for 2019 were held, where the proposals of the Company’s employees were considered.

For targeted monitoring of the fulfillment of the obligations of the Collective Agreement, the following committees of the Trade Union of the Company act:

  • Commission on socio-economic protection of members of the Trade Union;
  • legal protection commission;
  • labor protection commission;
  • mass organization commission;
  • housing commission;
  • catering control commission;
  • cultural and sports commission;
  • commission on work with youth;
  • commission on work with veterans of labor and World War II

The interregional trade union organization of the Company covers about 100% of employees and non-working pensioners, as well as more than 5 thousand students of relevant educational institutions in the territory of the Company. More than 35 thousand union members are working youth.

The interregional trade union organization of the Company covers about 100% of employees and non-working pensioners.

There are about 170 primary trade union organizations. The number of active trade unionists is more than 12 thousand people, including chairmen of primary trade union organizations, chairmen and members of workshop trade union committees, trade union group organizers, members of trade union committees, members of trade union committee commissions and members of audit commissions of primary trade union organizations authorized for labor protection.

Admission to the Trade Union is carried out on a voluntary basis, based on the personal application of the employee. For newly hired employees, explanatory work is carried out: the Trade Union informs about the activities of the Trade Union, sections of the Collective Agreement. Members of the Trade Union are given the opportunity to actively participate in the work of the Trade Union and social activities.

In order to determine the degree of employee satisfaction with the organization and labor safety, the level of social guarantees, as well as the quality of work of the Trade Union organization, public opinion polls are regularly conducted, and a «helpline» is operating. In the primary trade union organizations, a reception on personal issues of members of the Trade Union is organized.

Protection of Trade Union member rights to safe work conditions

One of the main directions in the work of the trade union organization of the Company is the protection of employees’ rights to work in conditions that meet health safety requirements, as well as public control over compliance with labor protection legislation. This work is carried out in accordance with the Collective Agreement based on the principles of social partnership between the administration of the Company, on the one hand, and representatives of employees — the trade union committees of the Company, the primary union trade organizations that are part of the TATNEFT Group interregional trade union organization, the technical labor inspectorate and the Trade Union members responsible for labor protection, on the other hand.

At conferences and meetings of the workforce, according to the results of work for 2018, the implementation of the obligations under the Collective Agreements accepted by the administration and the Trade Union was recognized, including the obligations under labor protection agreements.

At meetings of the Trade Union Committee and its Presidium, the issues prepared by the Trade Union Commission on Labor Protection were routinely considered.

In 2018, the Chief Technical Inspector of Labor of the Trade Union conducted a number of scheduled inspections of the labor protection conditions of enterprises, including an assessment of the conditions and state of the labor protection system of enterprises, their units, compliance with labor protection legislation, the implementation of Collective Agreements and Labor Protection Agreements at enterprises. Violations identified during inspections are eliminated in accordance with the findings and established action plans.

The Company has an institute of labor protection commissioners that inspect the working conditions at workplaces as part of multi-stage administrative and public control.

About 900 officers authorized by the trade union organization exercise control in the field of labor protection at the enterprises of TATNEFT Group

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