Responsible business

We recognize the global challenges, challenges and trends associated with the aspects of sustainable development, adhere to the provisions of the UN Global Compact, UN initiatives on the principles of responsible investment (UNPRI), UN Sustainable Development Goals, approved by UN General Assembly resolution A / RES / 70/1 25.09. 2015, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), as well as the Fundamental Principles of Corporate Governance G20 / OECD and the Social Charter of Russian Business, RSPP Approaches to the Formation of National Corporate Sustainability Indices, from etstvennosti and openness on Sustainable Development.

The company is aware of the equal responsibility for the high efficiency of our business processes, the effective provision of industrial safety, labor protection, environmental protection, social well-being of staff and local people, the development and implementation of advanced technologies, and we understand the large-scale role of energy companies in global economic development. The position of the Company — only with a balance between these aspects and the expansion of social partnership, a harmonious, effective and sustainable development of business and society as a whole can be ensured.

TATNEFT is included in the FTSE4good emerging international ranking — 4th place.

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