Energy is a key source for achieving the UN’s social and economic Sustainable Development Goals.

The company is one of the leaders in the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation and recognizes the nature and extent of the impact of its activities, correlates them with the importance of rational use of natural resources, ensuring safe working conditions, protecting the health of personnel employed in all business segments and the population living in areas activities of Tatneft Group organizations, as well as maintaining a favorable environment and reducing climate risks.

Tatneft takes into account fundamental development factors — the expectation of approximately 25% growth in global energy demand by 2040, while maintaining the importance of hydrocarbon resources with a change in the energy balance towards less carbon-intensive fuels and the development of new economically viable sources of energy, the development of oil and gas processing and petrochemicals with a high level environmental planning. These factors affect the global economy and the oil and gas industry, shaping the transition to a new energy infrastructure. The 2018 World Economic Forum report identifies global, integrated challenges for economic, environmental, and social systems that require sustainable development measures:

  • Climate change and rising political instability are identified as the most dangerous risks for humanity.
  • Inhibition of globalization processes, weakening confidence in international institutions can significantly change the system of international trade and the dynamics of economic activity.
  • The collapse of ecological systems and the accelerating disappearance of biodiversity can lead to food crises and environmental disasters caused by anthropogenic causes.
  • The growing cyber dependence and the volume of cyberattacks pose a significant risk associated with possible disruption of the systems that regulate key sectors of the global economy. This risk is due to the gap between the ability of a person to produce software products and control them.

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